Product Intern

Job Description

At OneDigiStore, we’re proud to offer innovative products that meet the needs and wants of our customers. To help us continue to grow our offerings, we’re in search of an experienced product manager to lead our multi-disciplinary development team. As an ideal candidate, you will have a keen eye for gaps in consumer product offerings and the innovative mindset to fill them. You’re a highly-skilled market analyst with a proven ability to strategize the full lifecycle of product production — from conception through release. You may already be a confident leader who has experience guiding cross-functional teams in the successful creation of products that improve consumer experience and grow market share.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Develop a system that allows product management to quickly test coverage of multiple products for specific new threats in an automated fashion
  • Identify and present strength and weaknesses of our products in combating these new threats and make specific proposals on product improvements and provide input on new feature development based on your assessments
  • Drive adoption of our advertising solutions and funnel advertiser feedback back into the product organization
  • Understanding, knowledge and a passion for the mobile game industry
  • Broad knowledge of various genres and games on different platforms, with an ability to critically analyse them
  • Data driven decision making approach
  • A passionate, performance-driven self-starter
  •  Excellent written, verbal and visual communication
  • Partner with members of data operations, product management to ensure quality of data
  • Gather and summarize data and provide analysis/recommendation on potential improvements to data taxonomy

Skills and Experience

  • Excellent attention to detail while maintaining big picture, ability to manage multiple parallel initiatives in a fast paced environment
  • Technically competent with experience in software development, systems integration, product development, technical consulting, and/or engineering
  • Creative, with good design sense, and an appreciation for great UI
  • Desire to learn about mobile technologies and their intersection with travel
  • Ability to conduct customer interviews in a professional manner
  • Ideal candidates will be able to execute market research and customer interviews to identify

Perks at OneDigiStore

Competitive Salary

We’re offering a competitive salary (you deserve it) and an excellent performance package

Flexible Hours

At OneDigiStore we promote remote work, so sometimes our hours aren’t quite 9-to-5. That’s just how it works here.


Work From Home

Do we need to say more here? It’s the new normal and we have embraced it with open arms

Unlimited learning

No limits to how much you can learn with us, in other domains too!

Access to kick ass tools

This is for you, not anyone else.


Become an Entrepreneur

You can make it happen, even as a side hustle and we will provide all the suppor


Access to unlimited resources

You name it and we get it for you

Paid vacations

Go anywhere you want—there’s no dress code or boss to answer to. You might even make up wild excuses not to come back at all.

Lots of Food

If you don’t love food, don’t even bother applying, we are serious!