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Website – re-design



Periodhub.com was a simple ecommerce website built on a template, it lacked clarity and was unable to spell the core messaging of the story. There was a need to re-design the overall user experience and also narrate the story to enable the customers to understand what and how PeriodHub solves the most pressign issue of periods in women.


As part of research work, OneDigiStore understood the story and the purpose behind PeriodHub and it’s products to bring out a design which connects the four main criticals seasons of periods in women. The re-design focused on access to all the product range on the home page and simple 3-click check out process.

What did we do for them 

category display

Products are PeriodHub are mostly made with recyclable waste and it was evident to highlight each category so that the users have clarity in what they are purchasing

Best selling

Usually any eCommerce website would like to bambard products in their best selling section but we took a different approach to single out the products so that it brings a lot of clarity in terms of use case of the product

Clean & elaborate
blog listing

The users take 2-3 seconds to scan the content and  our goal was to make the users wait and click on the article to read more information about certain topics, so we re-design their listing layout to ensure the core messaging of the article was clearly visible


Earlier the products were all jumbled up without any filteration and categorization. We simplified the layout to ensure the users can either see all the products on the listing page or only filter those which they need

Mobile first layout

There is a massive difference between mobile responsive and mobile first layout where the mobile responsive version only adjusts the layout according to the screen space whereas our redesigned focussed on mobile first experience to ensure the mobile users get the information first hand and are able to order the products at ease

Brand design

The brand colors and typography was decided based on the core messaging and keeping the target audience in mind. We wanted to give a fresh pastel look to the website.

Color Pallette


Color Pallette

Our approach

We applied parts of Design Thinking methodolgy to the whole re-design engagement. We interviewed stakeholders and users to understand their paint points of interacting with a website which has information about a very important subject among women. The re-design was done with the objective of improving engagement rate and conversion

Technology we used

Client testimonials

Have been associated with OneDigiStore through PeriodHub , my Startup. It has been a smooth journey with team of OneDigi Store. They are open to ideas and suggestions and an excellent resource for any Startup looking out for Digital marketing, branding etc.

Chirantana | Founder & CEO