Change is and has always been the only constant. Embracing change and going along with the trends is essential to climb the ladder of success. The 21st century belongs to the internet. Going online is no more an activity but a routine and businesses can exploit the online avenue to their advantage by reaching out to people who could not be targeted by traditional marketing approaches. With studies showing that people spend almost 6 hours on the internet daily, it should be a priority for any business to develop its online presence as very few people are at one place offline but online millions can be on the same site at once.

Gone are those days when making a website was considered a herculean task. These days there are ample service providers proficient in developing an online presence and it isn’t even expensive. When situations are this conducive, it is only logical to harness today’s trends for a better tomorrow.

Here are a few reasons why every business should move towards developing an online presence:

1. Better reach to potential customers

People seek Google’s help for almost everything as Google has become the place where everything is available. Hence, businesses must make sure that they are found easily on the search engine so that potential customers can reach them effortlessly.

The location barriers are destroyed by an online presence, as any potential customer need not visit the business’s location to get what he/she wants. The customer can ask for a service request or order a commodity on the business’s website and the concerned stake-holders fulfill their responsibilities accordingly.

2. Social media

Social media sites are the epicenter of internet usage. When your business’s content is shared by many of your customers or social media followers, it opens up new demographics as it is a way for new people to get to know about the business which might not have been possible using the traditional marketing approaches.

With more likes and shares, the company is positioned positively in people’s minds which is needed in getting backlinks to the company’s website which will in-turn rank it higher on search engines.

3. 24×7 Availability

Arguably, one of the biggest advantages of having an online presence is that providing service 24×7 is possible. With an offline approach, it might not be possible for businesses to continue operations for 24 hours but by developing an online presence, any business can sell its products or services throughout the day as customers can raise requests or order from any place at any time.

4. Cost Factor

Along with all benefits mentioned above, how exciting is it to know that building an online presence is not expensive at all? In addition, it is a no-brainer that setting up a business online costs much lesser than what is needed for a brick and mortar setup.

Online marketing campaigns are both inexpensive and can provide returns about 10 times the investment if executed right. The best example in this context is a simple email marketing campaign. Spending substantially and executing the campaign right can provide multiplied benefits.

5. Establishing better relationships

During a time when going online seemed futuristic, it was challenging for every company to establish good customer relationships. But these days developing a healthy customer relationship is made easy by the internet. Now companies can stay engaged with the customers on the website or any social media platform.

Frequent customer participation and interaction leads to loyalty and this develops long-term customers who can be instrumental in propagating your business to many people who otherwise might not have any means to know about your business.

With vlogs gaining a lot of popularity lately, it is proven that showing real people and real situations capture the attention of the audience more. Sharing visually appealing content about a business is instrumental in developing good relationships as the element of reality enhances both authenticity and transparency, which assures the viewer that what they see is exactly what they get.

6. Contingency Plan

During situations that are not under human control, like the ongoing COVID pandemic, which has created an imbalance in demand and supply, a strong online presence at times can be of great help. When business operations can be performed online or managed by an app, even under adverse external conditions, there is always a way to continue work and reduce losses.

Hence, take your business online to stay ahead of the curve, as going online is not an option anymore but a necessity.