Fleets - Everything you need to know about Twitter

In today’s time, people are constantly looking to communicate and express in newer and different ways. They aim for less pressure and more control over the messages they put out. Ever since Snapchat first came out with the ‘stories’ feature, wherein one could upload a picture, video, or text and the content would disappear after 24 hours, every other social media giant like Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp have been trying to experiment with this feature and incorporate it efficiently. Even YouTube introduced the feature on its platform a few months back. Twitter, the micro-blogging site recently followed suit and rolled out the 24-hour stories feature on their platform, naming it ‘Fleets’.

Fleets are for the users to share all their fleeting thoughts before they forget it. Like other applications, people can use the feature in the same way here. They can share text, photos, and videos that will last for 24 hours on their profile.

India is actually amongst the first few countries to have got this feature after Brazil and Italy. Twitter is gradually rolling it out in other countries as well. As Twitter India’s Managing Director Manish Maheshwari stated “India is important for Twitter since it is one of our largest and fastest-growing audience markets globally.”

He also mentioned that testing it out in India will help them learn and know more about how adding a new feature changes the way Indians would engage on the site.

Why was ‘Fleets’ introduced?

‘Fleets’ was introduced to tackle a problem that a lot of Twitter users face and have often been uncomfortable with. The fact that the tweets are public. Although fleets are not non-public either they are still a little less accessible than tweets. A user can go to any other random user’s account and view their fleets even if they don’t follow them. But at least it does not circulate in Twitter’s network or even show up on the search button.

How does ‘Fleets’ work?

Users can upload any text, photo or video content that would disappear after 24 hours. For the time being, users will be able to post videos that are up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds in length or 512MB in size.

  • You can just tap on the top left corner where your picture appears in a circle and start fleeting 
  • Add photos and videos through the media icon and then press ‘Fleet’ to post   
  • You can also view who has seen your fleet below the post
  • The like and retweet buttons are not functional when it comes to fleets
  • If someone wants to reply to another person’s fleet then they would have to just tap on it. This opens a direct message or emoji. The conversation can carry on in the respective user’s DM after that. 
  • If your DMs are open then anybody can reply to your fleet and be able to reach out to you on DM. But if your tweets are protected and DMs are closed then users outside of your circle would not be able to see and reply to the fleets. 
  • If someone wants to go through multiple fleets posted by a single user they would have to scroll down, instead of the usual tapping on the side.

Audience reaction and response :

Twitterati in specific and netizens overall have been divided about the new feature.

While some have come out in favour of it and endorsed it as a great feature saying it would help avoid the repercussions faced due to the “cancel culture”. This happens when people often dig out older tweets by other users as a means to attack them.

On the other hand, a lot of the users seem to be pretty unimpressed with this new move by Twitter. They have deemed it unnecessary. Many of them have engaged in heavy trolling and making hilarious memes regarding the new feature.

In fact, this constant discussion regarding the feature got such widespread response that the hashtag “#fleets” even started trending on Twitter. 

So if you still have not updated your Twitter and found the ‘Fleets feature, go check it out today. For more Blogs Click here