Today we have made a lot of progress in the digital marketing field. Advertisers and marketers are trying out newer and more dynamic methods to promote and sell their products/services each and every day. It is technically a cut-throat situation out there. Therefore it is very important to know the right kind of marketing tools which you can use to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Although digital marketing is a vast field with lots of categories falling under it, there are some which are always bound to be more effective than the others. Email marketing is one such tool which people often underestimate. It is actually quite effective and beneficial.

A study by McKinsey & Company observed that email marketing is in fact up to 40 times more impactful and effective compared to social media marketing. So it’s time to probably shuffle up the cards on your deck and play with the right ones.

What is email marketing?

In very simple words, each email that you send to a present customer or even a potential one could count as email marketing. When you send commercial messages, such as advertisements, business requests, promotional content to a large group of people using email, it is very simply recognized as email marketing.

It is a highly effective strategy that marketers use. It helps in marketing products or services as well as nurture and maintain a good relationship with your customers. Email marketing help turn one-time customers into loyal, long term ones and prospects into customers. It helps in boosting conversions and increasing revenue generation. Plus it’s an excellent way to connect with people. Email marketing has been around for a very long time and is very evident why.

Types of email marketing

Marketers have come up with various strategies and tactics to carry out email marketing campaigns successfully and make their way into the desired inboxes.
But to achieve this, it is very important to keep in mind what is the approach you want to go for.

Here are the 3 of the most important types of email marketing that you as a marketer can use to get the best results:

1. Behavioral emails

These emails consist of messaged that are focused toward’s a consumer’s behavior. Personalization is key in today’s marketing world and this type of email marketing helps you achieve just that. This helps you in getting to know your customers better and categorize them in a way which helps you tailor your emails to be relevant to them

2. Newsletters

This is more along the lines of one-way communication where you can send essential information to your customers and keep them updated. These could be promotional messages, updates regarding products, account information, and a lot more. A newsletter is a very crucial technique and it can really enhance your brand awareness and build brand recognition.
Although there are a few things to keep in mind such as CTA (Call to Action), Design, Length of your content, positioning of text and images etc.
But don’t forget to experiment and make it unique for every customer.

3. Transactional Emails

As the name suggests, these emails involve billing statements, receipts, order confirmations. These are a great way to turn daily emails into a path that leads back to your website.

How to create a successful email marketing strategy?

Below are a few steps you can follow to come up with a strategy that will get you started with the process of email marketing:

1. Choose your target group

You need to understand what are the needs and preferences of your buyers and accordingly customize your emails for them to work effectively.

2. Set goals

Before setting the goals, it is necessary to do some research and set a yardstick for yourself based on which you can plan out your goals.

3. Create an email list

An email list consists of a bunch of people who you can send relevant content because you have their permission to do so. But to create this list, you will need prospects to opt-in for receiving your mails. It takes time to build such a list, so you will have to put in time and patience. Till that time you have to treat every lead and subscriber with utmost importance.

4. Select the type of email campaign

There are various types of email campaigns that one can execute and it can be very confusing for a marketer. Hence it is best to go through different types of campaigns and decide which suits your audience best.

5. Get a schedule in place

It is crucial to understand that a schedule needs to be followed while sending emails to customers and it cannot be random. You need to know how often you will be contacting the customers, the timings and days, and they should know what to expect. Also, your schedule should be consistent.

6. Assess your results

It is no doubt that marketers need to measure every aspect of what they do. Hence measuring assessing and measuring results is also pretty essential. Keeping a check on every small detail and accordingly making changes leads to yielding better results.


It is used by millions of businesses all around the world and offers multiple benefits to marketers. Let’s explore some of those benefits of email marketing.

1. Wide reach

Emails help you personally send a message to thousands of people all around the world at one go. However wide the reach of social media be, there’s no way of knowing who all actually read your content.

2. Easily measurable

One of the main advantages of email marketing is knowing what you are doing wrong. You can easily check how to improve on your campaign by using certain software that will help you to track how many people re-opening the mails, what are the conversion rates etc.

3. Cost-effective and pocket friendly

The greatest benefit of email marketing is the low cost as compared to other forms of marketing. There is no printing cost or costs incurred for advertising on channels, billboards, hoardings etc. There will be certain charges for sending hundreds or thousands of emails at one time, it is still way easier on the pocket.

4. Sharing made easy

The forward button is a blessing for your business. Just with the click of a button, your subscribers can share your emails with peers or other potential customers. This helps in introducing your business to newer markets.

5. Impactful and quick

Emails reach subscribers immediately and urges them to act upon it within a very short span of time. One can observe the results really fast. There is no need for you to keep waiting for weeks. Thus it’s a great way to make subscribers aware of 24-hour sales, limited period offers etc.

6. Impressive ROI

Imagine investing the bare minimum and getting excellent returns for the same. Well, email marketing does exactly that for you.

7. Easy to set up

The best part is that it is very easy to get started with email marketing. You don’t need a whole team with you to execute this. You can always use very fancy or over the top text and images but most emails work with simple and neat templates putting all the focus on the content.

8. Generate revenue

A lot of revenue can be generated through the means of email marketing. Other platforms don’t really let customers go from viewing a product and offer and immediately buying it the next moment with just a simple click. Emails have call to actions that lure customers easily and drive them straight to the checkout. Newsletters drive sales like crazy.

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