DigiCam (Bulk order)



Make the most out of your online learning experience

Project anything onto your laptop screen in real-time. Just attach DigiCam to the built-in webcam of your laptop and see everything that happens over the keyboard instantly streamed to the screen.

How it works

The mirror, which is inside 
of DigiCam, reflects  the keyboard area of your laptop and simultaneously allows your webcam to capture perfectly the reflected image.

DigiCam is your new learning buddy

Simple, yet powerful accessory to show your manual paperwork onto digital screens

Take advantage of the mirror to make sure you capture the best image with your DigiCam.


  1. Project your work in real time
  2. Easy to setup DIY kit
  3. Attach and detach on demand

We are proud to be part of

#makeinindia #vocalforlocal initiative

Turn your keyboard into whiteboard using white paper

Showcase your work,
reflect on your learning!

DigiCam lets students take the lead of their own learning, even through online lessons. It gives you an overhead view to create a showcase space where students can take notes, create a sketch, solve a math problem, give explanations, do read-alouds, and many other things.

DigiCam gives parents the flexibility and convenience to make the most out of the learning process! DigiCam is a great interactive tool.

Order your easy to set up  your DIY kits