10 essentials every small business website needs

In today’s world moving towards rapid digitization, every business or organization is vying to get the perfect website that would comprise all the necessary elements. Most businessmen today understand the value of going digital. Even small businesses that were initially lagging behind in this activity have now opened up their eyes to the numerous possibilities that come their way by owning a website. They have also come to understand and accept it as the need of the hour. Especially considering the current COVID-19 situation.

Apart from the multiple benefits that come with owning a website, the most important thing to keep in mind is that’s what customers want. Customers these days want to be able to look up all the necessary information regarding a business or company online. Whether at home or on the go. In fact, before making any purchase, no matter how small, they prefer doing some research online.

A website also makes one’s business look very impressive, trustworthy, and professional. A number of studies show that a significant percentage of customers judge the credibility of the business or company based on how the website looks. So it is extremely essential to not only have a website but also manage it in an efficient way. So that it contains all the right kind of information and gives out the right vibe to attract more customers.

Now that we are clear about why it is important to own websites, especially for small businesses, it is crucial to take note of certain essential elements that should be a part of every small business website to help them effectively carry out their business.

Listed below are vital elements for websites owned by small businesses :

An impressive logo

There’s nothing more important than a good logo. It is what gives a brand a unique touch and helps people identify your brand. Use a high-resolution image for the logo and place where it is prominent (generally the top left corner of the page). Link the logo to the home button so that navigation remains smooth.

Live Chat feature

This helps a lot of potential customers ask questions and get to know more about the products or services that your business offers. By answering questions and interacting well with a visitor a great rapport is established between them and the seller. This also helps in turning a visitor into a customer.

Contact Information

Your website should contain all the necessary contact information (phone numbers, email, location etc.) that a customer might require to connect with you or any other representative from the company. The information should be up to date and easily visible. It is also to have the information mentioned on all the pages of your website.

Minimalistic yet catchy design

The color combination, font type and size, background, categorization etc. all of it plays a very important role. The overall design of a website needs to be neat yet catchy and impressive. Always avoid bright or neon colors that don’t go with each other, tacky fonts, extremely large images etc.

Relevant Content

The content that is uploaded on the website needs to be relevant and updated. It is better to avoid redundant or even excessive information. Also, make sure that the content is well balanced so that any page is not crammed up with too much information.

Efficient, dynamic and fast

It is important for each visitor and customer to use your website to have a good experience. Hence make sure that all the links work and pages load fast. It should also be SEO-friendly and optimized to work on mobile devices. It is crucial to ensure that all the features that are functional on the website are available and fully functional on the mobile version as well.

Social Media Icons

These days all businesses run on social media applications. Consumers find it easier to connect with businesses through their social media platforms. Those are easily accessible and give them the opportunity to learn more about the business. They can also connect with other consumers, and get an impressive overview which could help them make a decision. Hence, always provide the icons and links to your businesses’ social media profile.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from previous or existing customers can add a lot of weightage and credibility to your business. Positive comments and also critical suggestions give visitors or new customers helps form a more reliable and personal opinion.

Contact Forms

These forms let visitors and prospective customers put in their details. This helps them to procure information from you regarding your business. They also serve the purpose of being essential lead generation tools. Once a prospective customer has filled in their details for a query you can always have the means to follow up with them.

Appropriate Pictures

Pictures that are relevant to your business can really help in attracting more potential customers and turning them into actual consumers of whatever you are selling. Images act as a great visual aid and also help people get a glimpse of what your output actually looks like. Although this is more helpful in the case of product-based businesses, it can do wonders for services as well. So no matter what your business, upload pictures on your website for people to see because at the end of the day “seeing is believing”.

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